About me

Linda McKenzie Petkova

I was born in Canada and have lived in Bulgaria for the past 12 years. My specialty is creating delicious cakes and treats that are adapted for people with dietary restrictions. All of my cakes are gluten free, and some are vegan, raw, sugar free, keto or nut free. Everyone deserves a cake, no mater their diet! 🙂 

I have 3 girls that also follow a gluten free diet, and one daughter is diabetic. My girls are my inspiration and drive to make better and better cakes, cakes that not only are they ‘allowed’ to eat, but cakes that are full of flavour and nourish at the same time. 
My ‘fourth girl,’ my little store, Amelie Sweet Shop was renovated and opened in October 2018. It’s where you can order specialty cakes for all occasions, pick up some ready made cake, browse our chocolates: bars, spreads, and boxed chocolates and have some amazing coffee or hot chocolate! You can also find me there most days 😉 
Have your cake and eat it too!

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